Teach you how to identify the inventory

car to teach you how to identify inventory the footsteps of the Spring Festival has quietly near us up, with their hard-earned savings to 4 s shops, who all want to buy a new car.But many friends in an unguarded moment, when the car was bought stock cars, then what is a stock car?At the time of the car and how quickly identify?

what is a stock car?

as the name implies, stock cars is what appearance did not sell the car for a long time.The stock cars have a clear deadline?

the industry recognized is that is limited to half a year, that is, from the factory began to pick up the car to no more than 6 months, these are not stock cars.Some consumers demand is too high, can't more than 3 months of car to, this is wrong, because the car from the factory to parking, transportation, mixing process, such as 6 months is not long.

the car easy to keep a stock?

low sales models, these models are often sold on the terminal pressure is very big, many manufacturers will be hard on the car 4 s shop, a lot of 4 s shop in costs, and no stop inventory and other supporting facilities.In the case of not sold can only be parked outside in the sun, in contrast, some popular vehicles, are hard to get a car, think it's hard to sell stock cars.

new, the old cohabit sales models: many new and old models runs in sales, part of the old car is stock cars.After all this kind of situation, sell or the old one is too fire, manufacturer not willing to give up, not to sell or the old one, the inventory is too large, also need to be careful.

car to teach you how to identify inventory how to distinguish between stock cars?

see generated nameplate: are usually in vehicles (passenger side) on the right below the B column has a vehicle nameplate, marking the date of vehicle production, information such as the engine parameters, can be very intuitive to see.

watch glass: will be marked with the glass factory date on auto glass, digital, black dots in black spots in the first seven minus the number of black spots, dark spots, with 13 minus the number of black spots, concluded in time for the month.

see tyre: can not complete this to see whether the car for stock cars, but by the production date of the tire can roughly judge the factory time, four Numbers, before two weeks, after two years.By observing the tires can preliminary to determine whether a car from the factory to now had a long range travel - new car should be cleaner, and foetal hair should also remain.

see engine warehouse: open the engine, see if it is clean, if special dirty or dust is very big, that the car parked environment is bad, then said if the delivery date is long, that is about to be careful.

car to teach you how to identify inventory of course, in some cases, stock car nor can not buy, because usually this car will be a big discount, if I buy the best is to make the 4 s shop for small maintenance in left, especially have the oil changed.

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