Five, ai ai seven, forest, k3, emgrand, b50, which paragraph 3 big b70 more stable small wrong with less?

see the car I want to choose what price (the following I said is automatic HP car I also suggest to buy automatic as far as possible, for geely, and faw, never contact:)

below 80000, 5, can give priority to choose the byd F3, changan V7, ai 5 configuration is highest, lowest automatic-shift, ESP, reversing radar, cruise control, this is the basic, F3 and V7 less a cruise control.Is similar to other configuration, ai 5 I have to drive.Sound insulation effect is very good, it is better than my own feeling lavida sound insulation effect, although the other two I didn't drive, but the company colleagues are bought, listen to their word of mouth is still good.

Korean car (buy Korean car is not as good as to buy Japanese cars), and ford, try not to consider these two colleagues has ford engine sound insulation effect is poor, and adding oil will feel slightly louder, fuel consumption is a little bit higher, but the power, with 1.6 L is my lavida to oil is meat, and ford, on the other hand, my motivation of 1.6 ford can so, Korean car don't want to say more.

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