Why the 4 s so love to give you CheMo?Car sticker to the pit, early know, little fall for it


in the car sticker, deep water, maybe you know maybe you don't know about that.Even if I so many years experience in the automotive supplies industry, also dare not say what all understand, how senior dogs see car, mainly to individuals from so many years of experience to share to you, know a little more is always good.

first of all, the whole vehicle CheMo points cover and lientang two parts, before you reach the CheMo are two volumes, one is a former block, is a piece of lientang.First, before the material of cover and lientang is different, the former block a qualitative, lientang file material in simple terms, the former block, block before expensive, thin, before the former effeminacy, generally speaking, the former block prices generally have to account for about forty percent of the whole vehicle CheMo price.This also explains why many 4 s only give you less lientang block and send out before, partly because the former block, second is stick on the block before they send CheMo quality is too easy to discover.

why 4 s so love to give you CheMo? Those pit of car sticker, early know, being less

so, it's revealed a mystery, why 4 s shops selling cars give customers CheMo special like?Because CheMo depth, even very cheap very cheap CheMo, so-called value three thousand, customers also don't recognize!

about this suggestion is to try not to 4 s first send the "value" of thousands of yuan CheMo, stop that now, also one thousand five hundred, as far as I know, most of the 4 s send customer CheMo real price will not exceed 150 yuan, the other of his imagination.If you really want to, because it is sent, then you pay attention to three points:

first, don't want to block, before sending the first block absolutely can't use, poor quality, lientang make the calculate, if the front not completely obscure also plans to drive don't you?Put up rubbish before I have seen several of juyou, finally only one result, after six months and straw was torn off, tear is to say, you also need to cost around $50 a minimum workmanship to clean up CheMo and lamination adhesive.

why 4 s so love to give you CheMo? Those pit of car sticker, early know, being less

second, lientang CheMo block if you want to send, don't be dark, dark hundred night can't see road, specific I will behind about dark CheMo parts in detail.You can say want light car with 4 s, light-colored CheMo may still bad quality, but at least is to be able to see the road at night.

third, who killed all don't accept the 4 s or 4 s decoration shop suggestion of cooperation, in good CheMo, $XX I can responsibly tell you, if you add the three hundred yuan, so the price of the new good CheMo absolutely no more than three hundred, buy not sell good.The details I will in the subsequent dog see car series about the paster scam in the experience of sharing to everyone.

say again why can't stick a dark CheMo question.

the said, I buy is high-grade CheMo, bought more than three thousand, more than four thousand buy, I am the X ray, I'm xx, and so on, 3 I like privacy sex good, so I put a black or dark CheMo.So I can responsibly tell you, no matter how much money the designer CheMo, not to mention how tall are you likely to buy the real thing, even high-grade authentic, that is the same, brunet CheMo night you can't see, remember, my premise is authentic high-grade CheMo, posted, privacy is good, but you are driving on the road, even if it is night in the evening, you are ugly disrepair do not have a broken motorcycle, lit up the pedestrian, old man riding a bicycle, ride a electric car crazy lady, the great god met which one you are only one thousand congratulation.

also, congratulations you, you may need in the wintry night put the glass down astern frozen dog.

why 4 s so love to give you CheMo? Those pit of car sticker, early know, being less

why?Because you the parking Spaces across the CheMo not clear, I'm a senior victim is omitted 3 litre of tears and ten thousand words.So, said the short cut, don't buy dark film, regardless of price and brand.

say again, what kind of CheMo is good CheMo.

of course I can't tell you specific whose CheMo what brand is good, the first is that he didn't give me the advertising, the second is this CheMo brand water so big now, who knows what really false, I only responsible for the scientific standard and knowledge, not to collect fees, the other on your own.

the first element that is completely, of course have to juggle privacy at the same time.Bad CheMo look from outside to inside is black, seemingly privacy is good, but, looked out from the inside is black, it is finished.And good CheMo should be no matter from the outside to see how deep color, look outside from the inside light transmittance is excellent, light transmittance, the higher the better, more secure.

why 4 s so love to give you CheMo? Those pit of car sticker, early know, being less

why 4 s so love to give you CheMo? Those pit of car sticker, early know, being less

another point, is the thickness of the CheMo, if CheMo is very thick, looked at with plastic greenhouse film, the congratulations you, absolutely is garbage CheMo, because high-grade CheMo especially before is very thin.

about films and some experience can give everyone to share.

it is before the block in the paster, careful, must pay attention to is the front is too expensive, said all the above, the price accounted for nearly half of the whole vehicle, the second is the first block is very thin, so be sure to tell the paster of the teacher, to roast in low temperature, the more the more high-grade before the block must be baked at low temperature, high temperature baking?You guessed it, you will be burnt, ha, ha, ha.

about the paster can also give you a reference, the price of this stuff around there must be some differences, but there will always be scope, you can tell which boundless merchants in wild speculations with you, our yantai, car stickers the workmanship is controlled in 200 yuan of whole vehicle, SUV generally are more expensive, at about 250 yuan, floating up and down the scope of this a few money also is normal, see yourself.If there is a sticker of shops to tell you, if you take CheMo stick, he will receive five hundred pieces of the workmanship, you know why it is, because he has a set of three hundred buy CheMo prepare eight hundred price sell to you, so they can fool you.Another is the film industry guild regulations, you know that maybe can avoid a lot of loss, that is if you talk about good, you take CheMo pay the workmanship to his post, so is the default if he gave you posted bad CheMo he price.mean-while your losses, remember, don't let him be, stick is broken is his technical problems, to be on the safe side when you have to talk to him first price clear, said, I know, bad do you want to lose, is blocked after he may default hole, second also let him this small white to you sit up and take notice, I hold, the elder brothers know ah, so also dare not you, maybe will be more hard working.

probably also said so much, and finally say probably shouldn't say, don't superstitious big brand, I can't Chinese fake what brand?Three thousand to four thousand and how, also played XXX LOGO?I'll tell you a LOGO five dollars you can fix it, have CheMo you come looking for me, I give you five dollars.

ok, that's all, I'm going to wear a good helmet other guy's escape, lamination film master XX brand shop boss boss take plank brick shoot to death me, ran.

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