Under what kia?Appearance is not normal

kia time on January 8, 2017 in the United States, with the formal, the north American auto show also officially unveiled new cars STInger, the kia brand positioning for GT car brand new cars, the first of four door sedan version, have quite different from the other family members of temperament, more makeup dot and body contour line of the movement, plus a rear wheel drive, and pick up different displacement of 2.0 liters and 3.3 liters power unit, plus eight speed automatic transmission, and the configuration of optional all-wheel drive, according to the product of a performance orientation is self-evident.

kia what the stimulus? Look too not normal

kia north American auto show in 2017, officially published new cars STInger sedan.

the origin of STInger, kia is in fact to reveal the GT Concept car starting in 2011 plans to Frankfurt motor show in 2011, kia has brought four door GT Concept Concept car, at the 2014 north American auto show on the stage, kia shows the performance index is more strong GT4 STInger Concept car, dominating the hyundai design direction of Peter Schreyer, also continues to reveal series GT Concept car will go into mass production.In 2016 at the end of the year, kia is through the trailer video, declaring the production version.

kia what the stimulus? Look too not normal

tiger nose kia family classic form, collocation of large area air dam, diversion end plate, such as design, on the left and right sides of the hood also have air hole design, let the kia STInger have a dynamic visual effects.

kia STInger car modelling, in the brand recognition of Tiger Nose nasal Tiger tank cover profile, through the act the role ofing to makeup dot of metallic collocation chrome-plated frame and large back in under the dam, the design of the end plate, car looks there are dynamic, porosity, left and right sides of the hood is designed to let more highlight the charm of the pursuit of performance, even in the front fender trailing edge also has a diversion fin design, although the original did not publish relevant aerodynamic performance information, but the light from the point of overall modelling, give people young, strong flavor, such as performance which is STInger products designed.

kia what the stimulus? Look too not normal

STInger tail, the most prominent is the tail lamp modelling design, through the LED direct light of the outline, STInger is fashionable products impression.

in 2017 north American auto show debut the STInger of cars, of course, shows the GT Concept, GT4 STInger Concept of dynamic setting, as well as with the current family production car K9 (Quoris), Optima etc., have the same family style, however, from the point of overall modelling, the but again with more passion in gaining momentum.Kia echo STInger on performance and dynamic for setting, let use rear wheel drive Settings STInger, while not the brand's first drive after work, but based on GT goal is more clear.

kia what the stimulus? Look too not normal

through 2905 mm wheelbase, STInger were pretty good space, give the occupant comfort driving experience.

kia STInger dominated by European design center, its market target opponent is locking the audi A4, BMW 3 series, mercedes-benz c-class, such as the level of midsize sedan, but the body size is relatively amplification, the commander came to 4831 mm, width is 4831 mm, wheelbase is 2905 mm, although less large cars such as the size of 5 series, E, but also provide better space.According to the kia, said kia STInger have spacious interior space, the trunk volume at the same time also is more outstanding.

kia what the stimulus? Look too not normal

according to the current kia renew the published information, can only determine the STInger ul version will use two gasoline-powered choice, and the launch of European rules version may be diesel-powered choice, however, according to the relevant information to the original factory has yet to forecast will be announced at the 2017 Geneva motor show more European rules setting of STInger.Ul version of two gasoline engines, 2.0 litres of gas turbine engine, with the largest 255 horsepower, and 352 n. m torque;And double turbocharged 3.3 -liter V6 engine, the most to lose 365 horse power, and 500 n. m torque, accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, only 5.1 seconds to complete, the speed is about 269 kilometers per hour.

in a higher power and the pursuit of the performance of the Control orientation, kia also carried a called for the STInger Dynamic Stability Damping adjustable suspension system Control, it is the first brand of adjustable suspension, the steering wheel at the same time can also, a total of 5 kinds of different pattern choice, meet the demand of drivers a variety of driving.

kia what the stimulus? Look too not normal

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