China's first registration bugatti veyron, thought that the license plate, finally found the license plate is very proud!


you have seen the bugatti veyron at ordinary times?As everybody knows, bugatti is very expensive, bare light car are more than 25 million, plus freight, tariffs, the luxury tax, consumption tax and other costs, at least 3000 Wan Yuancai available.So, so your car is very rare in domestic.

from Shanghai DMV, DMV registered bugatti only 6 units in Shanghai.As everybody knows, Shanghai as an international metropolis, all kinds of luxury car very much, but because too expensive bugatti, ownership is not much.Recently often appear in the streets of Shanghai a bugatti attracted the attention of people, called the bugatti as is the domestic first registration.

after seeing the bugatti, A lot of people find this car in addition to your car, nothing special, especially the license plate, hanging on A piece of A 164 d1 "" Shanghai license plate, seems A bit too good for the car.Because a lot of people think that more than 25 million worth of cars, not even the license plate number "88888", at least also have to have the license plate number "8888".

and then listen to the bugatti's friend's friend, said the plate is not actually a low profile.Because the car's license plate number "164 d1" said means "is the first" all the way.Want to know, fastest bugatti veyron can run 434 km/h, a lot of lamborghini and ferrari supercar most can only run within 350 km/h, because the car's goal "is the first" all the way or can have.

in addition, someone said again, the license plate is not only the meaning of "is the first" all the way, there is another meaning.The license plate of A 164 d1 "" Shanghai" 16 "refers to the number of cylinders, the veyron and" 4 "refers to the number of turbine unit veyron;The final "D1" is domestic first bugatti.

that in your opinion, what do you think is A "Shanghai 164 d1", or "88888" license plate swagger?Ok, a joke, or do some safe driving lessons.How dangerous is talking on a cell phone?Needless to say, if you hate bluetooth headset ear pain, also want to know what call don't hands, without removing their eyes from the road surface method, can click on the following ", while driving to a telephone?"To study well.

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