Less pull 6 tons Detailed analysis for super cargo industry under the New Deal in the future

GB1589-2016 "automobile, trailer, and car train profile size, limit value of axial load and quality" release is so big vibration, the core reason is that the total weight of 6 axis car 55 tons and tons of 49 have determined and subsequent release of the highway freight vehicle overloading transfinite recognized standard 49 tonnes will be completely dead.Six tons, between 55 tons and tons of 49 every 6 tons of cargo transport, less a year it is a big number.

increase the payload lightweight is the key

used to want to make money, "DORA run" is one of the most simple and crude way, this is the phenomenon of overload and overrun.Now super strict, legal money will be less "run".After the introduction of new rules, advantages and disadvantages, the most intuitive advantages are:

1, safety: a life common sense knows, the greater the quality, the bigger the inertial.Car cargo gross weight 55 tons of trucks and total weight 49 tonnes of contrast, six tons of weight.49 tons more effective than 55 tons shorten braking distance, driving up more secure.

2, life: vehicles in use will produce wear, manufacturers design vehicles will have a set value, the heavier the vehicle load, the greater the wear more to a vehicle.Total weight of 6 tons of reduced wear and depreciation vehicle itself, the tyre can use for a period of time.

3, efficiency: domestic vehicle power reserve generally low, flat road traveling speed is slow, the speed is low and the average speed is low, restricted the vehicle operating efficiency.The total weight of load, the efficiency is lower, lower average velocity can improve vehicle is after 6 tons.

4, freight: total weight limit is 55 tons, 80 tons of cargo 2 car can carry away, now 49 - ton, 2 car was not over, under the condition of invariable total freight is equivalent to the supply increases, the rain can participation of every car.

to sum up, the new standard is not a bad thing.In the gross vehicle weight limit how to achieve maximum profit?This vehicle is involved "quality".How many tons of goods is the car can get rid of dead weight?The lighter cars, can pull the more goods, on the other hand is heavier, the less goods.Lightweight vehicles will into the mainstream of the future, domestic and lifts a lightweight boom.

, for example, now most of the 6 + 13 meters x4 tractor trailer, focusing on average total 17 tons, 49 minus 16 tons of weight, can also carry 32 tons of cargo;A lightweight do very good semi-trailer 14 tons gross weight, 35 tons, the payload will be able to load is 3 tons more than ordinary cars.Also is 49 tons gross weight, fuel consumption, tolls, but it can make more 3 tons of freight, the be clear at a glance what cars affordable.

the European freight market heavy has been very limited specification, they pursuit vehicle lightweighting also never give up, to introduce the following European lightweight vehicles, as a domestic lightweight model reference.

, weight of 6 tons Volvo lightweight tractor

in the tractive tractor which on the one hand, the domestic is widespread publicity lightweight, imported cars never was sold on the basis of lightweight, since the major is one of their shortcomings.Solid material, safe and effective is to buy imported cars.Volvo recently released a few lightweight Concept model "Light Concept", only the lightest weight of 6 tons.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super freight industry in the future under the New Deal

lightweight FH Volvo truck

according to foreign media reports, Volvo trucks in the premise does not affect vehicle safety, comfort, etc for carrying D13 FH 4 x2 tractor engine reduces the weight of 216 kg.Vehicle weight reduction using lightweight materials and structure optimization of the innovative ways of combining, weight loss is mainly focused on the chassis parts.Front axle weight, suspension and steering system of 65 ~ 78 kg.Vehicle rear axle used lighter than steel aluminum alloy material.Arm, for example, reduced weight also does not affect vehicle chassis structure strength.Is lightweight chassis, it can still reach 50 tons GVW mass, car goods total weight 50 tons also no pressure.

this lightweight technique can be applied to the 4 x2 and 6 x2 two driving forms above, compared with the conventional 6 x2 model, Volvo lightweight 6 x2 models light weight 490 kg.After the application of lightweight technology of Volvo FH4x2 models weight of 6.4 tons, cab smaller 4 x2fm self-respect only 6 tons.Ordinary 4 x2 tractor weight is about 7.5 tons, Volvo lightweight weight loss models is very obvious.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super freight industry in the future under the New Deal

the cab smaller 4 x2fm self-respect only 6 tons

can do 5 tons trailer weight loss under the most obvious

tractive tractor lightweight weight loss is not obvious, the structure of chassis accessories, want without sacrificing vehicle quality under the premise of weight loss is difficult abnormalities, such as their Volvo such international companies also can lose weight less than half a ton.Don't care about the cost, of course, can be applied more lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, it can do more light.Vehicle lightweighting eventually want to focus on the trailer.

now on the market, production and sales of trailer are steel weight at about 8 tons.Want to reduce weight of trailer there are two ways, the first is a qualitative change, such as aluminum alloy trailer;The second is structure optimization, to do a lighter steel trailer.To the difficulty of the trailer weight loss 1 ton less than car weight loss.

say first aluminum trailer, just as its name implies is to use aluminum instead of steel into a trailer.A full aluminum alloy bar 13 meters storehouse car can achieve 4.4 tons, weight lighter than ordinary steel trailer 3 ~ 4 tons of weight.150000 kilometers to the full-year operating calculation, aluminum alloy car on the road to use its lightweight advantages can create more benefit of 150000 yuan to 180000 yuan.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super freight industry in the future under the New Deal

4.4 tons of aluminium bar car 13 meters storehouse

although one-time car as relatively steel trailer to high of about 80 ~ 90%, but the overall, can recover the cost of 1 ~ 2 years.Trailer total annual fuel consumption in China is about 40 million tons, if aluminum trailer can achieve 70% market share, a year can save about 7.66 million tons of fuel oil, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 22 million tons, and aluminum vehicles using live longer, according to the experience of Europe and the United States and an aluminum tank life cycle generally in 15 years to 20 years, and the service life of steel tank only 7 ~ 9 years.And vehicles scrapped after recovery value is higher than steel, commonly used aluminium tank cars, for example, is the value of the recycled aluminum tanks to about 85% of primary aluminum is much higher than ordinary steel vehicle recovery value.

aluminum trailer a lot of people at that time the difficult to accept, ordinary steel trailer can do more light?A European manufacturers in the last two years there will be a dead weight is only 4.7 tons of steel structure side curtain trailer, the total length of 13.85 m trailer do so light, also make great effort.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super cargo industry under the New Deal in the future

the weight of 4.7 tons trailer is the main way of weight reduction structure optimization.Side curtain trailer itself has the advantages of light weight, fabric material is qualitative light, compared with steel box of airtight container car heavy weight negligible, compared with warehouse bar car, not the weight of the rail.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super cargo industry under the New Deal in the future

the basic popularization for large trailer tyres, with 385 mm wide cross section of the tyre, less 6 tires and rims of self-respect, equipped with tens of kilograms of aluminum alloy wheel hub further weight loss.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super freight industry in the future under the New Deal

how does not affect the bearing to reduce weight of girder is a problem, the European manufacturer trailer girders for many of the big hole, each hole area is large, girder glance over the past are almost empty, to more severe than liangshan trailer factory punch on many.Some people may worry about girder carrying capacity, can rest assured that this hole is not literally play, each the size and location of the hole through scientific calculation.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super cargo industry under the New Deal in the future

girders are played hole, beam will less?Beam is stamping, light quality high strength structure, the relatively small size do, reduce weight.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super cargo industry under the New Deal in the future

container floor did not use metal, lighter composite materials application backplane, corrosion resistance and can lose weight, what is there against it?

the rest parts are basically replace with aluminum alloy material, such as packing case column board is aluminum alloy material, the side pillar of the rail is made of lightweight aluminium alloy.

the weight of less than 5 tons trailer carrying capacity can meet the demand of Europe, the total weight of maximum allowable 39 tons, carry 34 tons of cargo.If the aforementioned Volvo lightweight tractor collocation, vehicle curb weight 6 + 4.7 tons, even if it's 11 tons of weight, according to the 49 tons limit calculation can be filled with 38 tons of cargo.It's a pity that bearing capacity only 34 tons trailer.

similarly, European famous brand of trailer test (Kogel) at the end of this month, hannover show will show two lightweight side curtain trailer, is also a three axis singletons trailer, a weight of 5.145 tons, the lightest weight of 4.775 tons.Is not more than 39 tons to allow maximum gross weight.Trailer floor with particle extrusion is a kind of high strength, thickness of 75 px, can walk carrying a forklift.

less 6 tons Detailed analysis for the super freight industry in the future under the New Deal

test, lightweight side curtain trailer

finally comes back to you a calculator, the head (9 tons) and trailer (8 tons) weight of 17 tons of car can be 32 tons of cargo, if car don't change, change a weight of 6 tons of lightweight trailer, vehicle weight is only 15 tons, lightweight tractor can also choose lighter weight is lower.A very simple truth, bitterly complained about 6 tons of cargo, less than thinking seriously about how to legally make more money.

rely on product upgrade competitiveness becomes the only way out.The law enforcement earnestly, premise is that countries treat all vehicles alike.So to form a virtuous cycle.Pay attention to upgrading the hardware power, actively upgrade the vehicle technical transformation of vehicles and users will stand out.Used by overload, spelling price competition of the vehicle will be eliminated, because they can't keep up with hardware, thinking is not ascension, only 49 tonnes of trapped within the limit.

49 tonnes, the weight will further promote the vehicle technology and configuration upgrade.Users of gravity will be more sensitive, equipped with water spray device become unprofitable burden, gravity is less than 100 kilograms of hydraulic retarder for its spring.Other techniques such as air suspension, such as disc brake technology will gradually spread.Domestic truck manufacturers corresponding to develop new models to meet the needs of policy.

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