Why European car 30000 miles to an oil change?

on behalf of the Chinese cyclists lurking in Belgium undercover "gold medal", "jeep1924", unexpectedly gave his travel version of the skoda Octavia "first" and maintenance, and the car mileage "only" 27144 km - yes, you read that right, is more than twenty-seven thousand kilometers.

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

"jeep1924" car now

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

maintenance list shows the range now

this person from Beijing moved to Belgium, bought the skoda wagon, have been surprised and complacent to inform a message: conductor is given on the manual and the vehicle's first confirmed time is "two or thirty thousand km".

"jeep1924" is clearly not his temper resistance, failed to strictly according to the request of the skoda lorry service manual.The graph is: he first 48 days earlier, miles ahead of the 2900 kilometers.

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

before maintenance, "jeep1924" car driving computer maintenance tips

in Belgium, into the 4 s shops do a maintenance is not easy, hope to look forward to, two years to wait for another chance."Jeep1924" do maintenance time, next time only after 730 days, or, after running 30000 km.There are still here.

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

after maintenance, driving computer prompts the next maintenance time, 30000 km or 730 days

we are accustomed to the 4 s shop interview: next time maintenance is within 6 months or 5000 km.A maintenance, 5000 km and 30000 km a maintenance;Or, a half a year maintenance, and two years maintenance - this gap, is really make people mentally.

the car the most basic maintenance, is an oil change, 6 months and 5000 km or an oil change, even a car maintenance of common sense.This common sense, on the one hand, from the "old driver" precept, more ardent remind from 4 s shop service consultant.

if you are a serious owner, skimmed the accessory of the user manual, you will find a problem, suggested an oil change interval is not on the manual is 5000 km or six months, especially now that new car, lorry manual on mainstream is an oil change once a year or 10000 km.

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

public soar team, ford focus, the Toyota highlander routine maintenance interval is 10000 km

if you according to the manual, to negotiate with 4 s shop service consultant, he will reply you very professional: manual is an ideal situation, China's car environment more bad, suggest to shorten an oil change interval.

that sounds like good sense, but the feeling is wrong again.

really wrong, with European Belgium "two or 30000 km, compared to the oil in China" for a year or 10000 km "for an engine oil, not already greatly shorten the oil change interval?

the Chinese version of the car user manual, must be according to the situation of China version, had done to the maintenance period of adjustment.Take the skoda Octavia, the version of the user manual, recommended first mileage is 5000 km, followed by a year or 10000 km in an engine oil, "conservative" is more than the euro.

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

look from the owners manual, domestic Octavia routine maintenance interval 10000 km

since already compressed oil change intervals, and necessary to further compression?

Belgian automobile 4 s shop business reality, maintenance cycle is according to the request of the manufacturer.Is different to the United States, many americans watch train operation manual, also listen to "old driver" or maintenance shop, honestly remember "3000 miles" oil change the rules.

3000 miles, 4800 miles, 5000 km with the Chinese version of an oil change.Maintenance shop, finished the work in the United States, will be in front of the car windshield with a label, plus 3000 miles on the mileage, is your maintenance mileage next time.China's 4 s shop more intimate, although not put this stuff, but certainly forget call to remind you in 6 months it's back to the shop maintenance.

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

every time after the maintenance, the maintenance shop will put a label on his windshield, prompt the next maintenance mileage

new cars sold in the United States, the accessory manual indicated in most of the oil change interval is 7500 miles (12000 km) or 12000 miles (16000 km), some models suggest that an oil change interval is 15000 miles (24140 km).Only a few model does not use synthetic engine oil, it is recommended that the oil change interval is 5000 miles (8000 km).

so, America's media have been calling for people to change their old habits, "Stop Changing Your Oil!"

prematurely to replace the oil, will cause great waste.For the owner, is a waste of money;For the oil itself, is a waste of efficiency.Now, why can greatly extend the oil change interval?On the one hand is the oil performance is greatly improved, the lubrication effect and durability not;On the other hand, has been greatly improve the machining accuracy of engine, mechanical wear also significantly reduced when the normal operation.

according to U.S. media reports, a lubricating oil company, said, now the warranty range of mainstream synthetic oil are more than 15000 miles (24140 km).If only made it about 5000 km will replace oil, purely spoil things.

in our country, some brand also expressed in an interview, head of lubricating oil for oil waste lament: "marked" SL "oil, for example, is the world's second senior oil, even in bad road conditions in China, oil is not good, again have surplus in 10000 to 15000 kilometers. A curve and the effect of lubrication, we test the SL level 7500 kilometers oil is the best time, but at that time many people have learned to turn it into waste oil! Not to say that the dark can't use. We use their oil is more than 10000 km to change oil."

in fact, look at the Chinese version of car user manual, auto makers now is very clear, the progress of the engine and engine oil on the manual recommended oil change interval most has been changed to a year or 10000 kilometers.Individual 5000 km also marked a change, either with poor performance of the mineral oil or is to be dumb.

here say more, change the oil in all synthetic engine oil performance good, as far as possible no matter how your car class.Way, in synthetic engine oil to engine protection is far better than the mineral oil, and secondly, because the oil change interval length, need not spend how many money.

why in China, an oil change interval is shortened?Yes, really because our car environment more bad, specifically, one is the air quality is poorer, 2 it is gasoline quality is poorer.

European car why 30000 km to an oil change?

parking area outside the Belgian skoda 4 s shop

air is involved in the engine combustion and gasoline, this two things more bad, after burning residual things even more, residual things to mix oil, engine oil early failure is also understandable.Especially China's gasoline, sulfur content is higher, according to experts said: "the poor quality of gasoline after burning there will be a lot of waste gas containing sulfur, a few of them are rushed to the engine crank case to contact with oil, and high excitement and high corrosive sulfur can directly lead to the oil metamorphic early."

"jeep1924" was providing intelligence, said his travel edition Octavia lorry indicated in the manual: if you use the product sulfur content is high, every 7500 kilometers oil change should be - "which countries sell high sulfur content fuel, please contact the local authorities".

the execution of petrol is the five eu countries standards (actually, most of the local car for diesel, in order to facilitate comparison, gasoline, for example, take the standard diesel and gasoline similar), sulfur standard is not more than 10 PPM (mg/kg), in some areas of China petrol at the four standard, standard is not greater than 50 PPM sulfur.Now, many places have provided the 5 gasoline, if really can amount to mark, sulfur content and Europe should be the same.

but, if we use full synthetic engine oil, the oil can be 30000 km in?If you want to try, then use your own car to try, I can't do it anyway.Our side of the space quality is still poor, gasoline, although there are national standard, but the real quality, you know.

if let I decided, I will use all synthetic engine oil, 10000 km a year or a change - as the accessory of manual, although it is still too conservative, but will not be a problem.

to the gold medal again undercover "jeep1924" thank you, your loyalty to car culture and outstanding intelligence ability, will bring you the glory!

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