Brother not hug but fist generation passat preparation

in the first half of 2016, Shanghai Volkswagen had half a year with 968723 sales champion, is also many car companies to a breakthrough in the 900000 sales mark in the enterprise, the result it tsundere a enough.But, also can't happy too early, the god of Shanghai Volkswagen car passat continue down, sales all the way down, "the pair of" had already gone.

brothers generation passat prepared not hug but fist

this both for the b-class the effects of a shrinking market, also has its own reason, how to keep the position of the eldest brother is passat at this stage need to think seriously about the problem.

internal dispute

passat passed 16 years history in China, the boom of passat sales at twenty thousand, when sales peak in 2013, annual sales reached 23010 units.To brother love family magotan is killed.The models in January this year, Shanghai Volkswagen passat, faw Volkswagen and unwilling to lag behind, of course, a few more days, new magotan is forthcoming.

as a valuable assistants of the vw group is the most effective, faw-vw and Shanghai Volkswagen has been set for the mass brand success continuously, but also can appear the throats in private.Is not hard to find, often one party launched a new car or upgrading of the car, the other party must immediately to succumb to fill in an attempt to achieve balance.

but the brothers to fights, critical moment will jointly maintain their dominance in senior car market.In the face of the accord on the market, the music, the camry rivals such as hunting, or both together to outside.In the b-class market, Shanghai Volkswagen passat and faw-vw magotan, firmly occupy the market in the first two positions.But as for now, if situation is not optimistic.

from the perspective of the performance of senior car for all of last year, faw Volkswagen fell 19.4%, Shanghai Volkswagen fell 9.6%.History is always amazing similar, it seems worse this year.Passenger car sales list of the top 10 this year, can hardly see the shadow of senior car.

brothers generation passat prepared not hug but fist

from the point of sales in the first half of this year, passat 1 - June sales to 82865 vehicles, a landslide remain a niche market for the first position, just fell 31% year on year.But in June this year passat continues the fell sharply last month, sales cannot be broken, fell 36.4% year on year, only ranked third in the senior market.

better than magotan June passat, although 1 - June this year the total sales of 78677 vehicles, year-on-year growth of 0.8%, but in June performance is good, the sales of more than 10000 vehicles, most of the models in senior market decline in sales, has realized one of the few positive growth.

internal dispute, to their shame.While from the perspective of the growth of the first half, magotan's performance is better, but look to the senior market, "the pair scenery has been less than that."Modified in the middle of the new passat didn't also can change the life of a traveling passat depravity.Fall from magotan to passat, visible senior car is really "the heart-pounding step by step", it's enough to make is about to usher in a new generation of magotan surprised out in a cold sweat.

in addition to these external reasons, whether Passat or magotan, their "mother" is in Germany Volkswagen Passat.But on the descent, magotan is more pure, the passat is according to the Chinese habit, consumer demand and economic concepts such as factors in the transformation, so eat some kui on the descent.Although the passat do the enemy and know yourself, meet some of people needs, but this miracle speed is so slowly.Passat was B5.5 magotan has been B6, very not easy to agree on the B7, in this generation, passat out after B7.5 magotan have to upgrade to the B8.The existence of these problems may result in the pursuit of pure ashkenazi origin or the loss of the target population of the new technology.

market crisis

b-class in the past has been regarded as a business-friendly ikea models, can reach the business level, and can be choose a family.Now, class B car market overall sales and market share dropped year by year, on the one hand is due to the macro economy, market overall growth is limited.On the other hand, China's car market is at a stage in the transformation of consumption, more people buy b-class, comes from the older conservative buyers, and this part of the crowd will have little change.

, 85, 90 after entering the new car after the main user groups, and 80 entered twice, three times after buying stage, these two kinds of people are not generally b-class target user and consumer groups, a significant number of people are more willing to one pace reachs the designated position, choose the space is enough big SUV or MPV.

brothers generation passat prepared not hug but fist

in addition, the recent development of special economy and sharing, for class B "squeeze effect" of the car market is quite obvious.Some car companies, although the increase in the coming years B class and business class car purchasing quantity, but this will not bring the b-class market demand will be multiplied to reduce private users demand for b-class products to buy.As a result, brings to the passat and other senior car trouble has been obvious.

the market is like a seesaw, senior car sales decline, not only carry the SUV market, as well as entry-level luxury car.Price of luxury cars is increasing as test of passat senior car has formed a certain degree of extrusion.Entry-level low version with luxury cars like BMW 1 series, Volvo S40 and infiniti Q50L prices have dipped below 300000 yuan within the interval, the high-end version of the passat and other senior car is continuously at the other end of the scale is smoky.

broken chance of

although according to current form, passat met with some resistance in the development of the road, in the current suvs fast-growing auto market, whether it is really no chance to turn over?

a car industry analysts said the SUV market share in the future will be and cars, and b-class, as the most important part of the car market in consumer consumption idea with the market shift, b-class once hot trend will also return.So, from the point of passat itself, can't just sit back and wait for the market of dividend approach, combined with their own situation to change is king.

brothers generation passat prepared not hug but fist

in addition to the appearance of the product, performance and so on need to do some change, at the same time, speed up product upgrading is also an urgent problem in the current passat.In the future, passat wants to keep the position of the eldest brother, have to be more actively to promote their brand image.

in terms of product upgrading, "if b-class want to roll over, companies have to react to, is to improve on existing products," by association secretary-general Cui Dong tree said, "because of the auto market business needs than in the past has been greatly reduced, domestic demand has become mainstream, b-class more to household in the direction is a way out.

/ xiao-li yan wen

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